Saturday, April 30, 2011

Power Girl #23

I swear, I never thought I would ever be uttering these words, but damn if I don't look forward every month to a book written by Judd Winick. I started my hate with him back when he was abusing Green Lantern and it evolved to cover other titles he wrote. I shuddered as if something fell had walked over my grave when I heard that he was taking over Power Girl after the amazing team of Palmiotti, Gray and Connor left. I thought I would end up dropping the title as I couldn't stand him, no matter how much I loved Power Girl.

Color me surprised, it's actually been really, really good. This issue continues that trend, dealing with the setup from last issue where Power Girl and her cousin Superman are fighting dinosaurs and other creatures summoned up by a magician to is trying to take Zatanna's powers for himself. It's a nice two issue arc and the characterizations are great and the story is fun and light, which is nice after tying in for several issues to the serious Generation Lost. The art continues to improve and be amazing, and while I still miss Amanda Connor, I'm finding this is a nice replacement.

Check it out. And Judd, I'm sorry I doubted you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Things of Nightmares

Damn you, Moffat. Just when I thought it was safe to watch Doctor Who without it having nightmarish creatures or Billie Piper. Well, at least we haven't had Rose back in it yet. It's been great so far. Watch it on BBCA.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Doctor Cometh

Yesterday, the long awaited premiere of Doctor Who Series 6 aired on BBCA. How was it? In a word, amazing. Granted, I may be biased since I love the show. I thought it hit all the right notes. It kicked off with us meeting up with our old friends Rory and Amy Pond, River Song and the Doctor. Then it turned it up a notch with quite a shocking turn of events that eventually leads to the discovery of a monster we didn't see but plagued us last season. And they're some creepy looking bastards, too. If you're going to do aliens, do them with style, and they did. I can't wait to see how the second part turns out next week. It's almost too long to wait, but considering I was waiting months for the first part, I think I can handle a few days. Check it out.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Doctor Who?

Yeah. I'm kind of excited for the premiere.

And for a libation...

Don't forget to mix yourself up a nice drink with your sonic screwdriver. :)

Series 6

Just a reminder that the new season of Doctor Who starts up tonight on the BBCA channel, for all of us on this side of the pond. Too bad it's not this side of Amy Pond. Anyhow, you should watch it, because it is a great show. Give it a shot. BBCA is having a little marathon of Series 5 today if youw ant to catch up. Plus there's a recap episode before the new episode airs. And then they're playing another showing of last year's Christmas Special, which was fantastic.

And I found this. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RIP Elizabeth Sladen

Sad news today. Elizabeth Sladen, known for playing Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who, has passed away. She was still so young, but fighting a battle with cancer took its toll on her. I'll remember her fondly as part of my childhood, growing up watching her adventures with Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor, on PBS. Hopefully, she's riding in that great big TARDIS in the sky. We'll miss you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Starman: Omnibus 5

I think I have an addiction. You know, besides good bourbon. And cheap bourbon. Bourbon in general. I'm addicted to Starman. I didn't even really know about the character save for some appearances in the JSA until I read about the series on the Penny Arcade forums where it came highly recommended. So I picked up the first trade.

I feel like my eyes were opened that day, opened to awesome comics. Comics that moved past the issue to issue stories and characterization that lasted until that writer finished his run. Indeed, it was a genius story that spanned the entire run of issues, helmed by one writer, James Robinson, for that entire span. Hell, DC loved it so much they complied with his wish that nobody use Jack afterwards and let him have his retirement.

Maybe I'm overstating things. I had read good comics. I had read great comics. I had read even awesome comics. What I think I'm trying to say is that this was the first time I had read such a complete run, a complete story for one character. Not only was it the run that created the character of Jack Knight as Starman, but it defined him as well. I can't think of many writers who did that. Certainly there are runs that defined existing characters, but this was a first for me. I think it was because Jack was so relatable. He wasn't destined for greatness. Jack was just a guy who collected things. Old shirts. Old records. Old everything. He never thought that he would collect the mantle of his father in the process, learning how to use it and making some mistakes and fighting the good fight like one of us would.

For my collection, I've gotten all of the trade paperbacks available, including one I had to get while I was in Ireland as it was out of print here. I'm missing about four issues in my singles collection and I've gotten five of the omnibuses. Is that love? I think so?

Is it worth it? Yes. For one, the omnibus format is great. The trades had most of the issues, but some were trimmed and things were left out. The omnibus collection has everything, uncut and more, such as issues that weren't part of the main title's run but ones that pertained to him nevertheless, like the crossover with Batman and Hellboy or the Shade's miniseries. The art is reproduced masterfully and we got prologues and epilogues from people involved with the series.

Did I mention that they're hardcover?

In terms of value, they're great. In terms of story, they're even better. If you have any interest in comics, I beseech you to seek out the Starman series if you haven't already. You will love it. It's everything good about comics and everything a comic should be.

Now I need to get the last volume. Then maybe I can work on the Morrison JLA trades.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Assault of the Sasquatch

At the behest of Pete from Comics Plus (the recommendation was in with my comics for the week), I checked out a little gem of a movie called Assault of the Sasquatch for this week's Friday Night Fright. I was told that it was a great terrible movie. Oh, it was, it was.

Cribbing the plot from Assault on Precinct 13, and thus, Rio Bravo, the movie is basically about a sasquatch running amok in a town and trying to kill the occupants of a police station, both law abiding and criminal. The humans must band together if they want to survive the assault. Why is the sasquatch doing this? Oh, because some bear poachers ran into him and captured him but were then arrested, bringing the poachers and the truck to the police station, where the sasquatch woke up and then started to wreck shit.

The acting is so-so, which is about part for a low budget beauty like this. It makes up for it by having a quick moving plot that never lets up and doesn't skimpy on the kills. Having a poacher who looks like a cross between Deathstroke the Terminator and Willie Nelson is a good start, as well as a ex-stripper receptionist who fights with a knife and riot shield, Modern Warfare 2 style. While I can't say I cared for any of them enough to hope they live, they did keep in interesting. The two nerds running around trying to capture more footage of the sasquatch were rather fun too, culminating in a rather rude awakening for the two of them when they finally do meet up.

A plus for this low budget great is that they went with practical effects for the most part, especially for their monster. Yes it looks like a guy in a suit, but it's a nice throwback to 80s creature flicks and looks a lot better than cheap CGI would. I think they do use some CGI for a few dismemberments, but it looks good and they stick to fake blood and dummies for the good stuff, including a sasquatch fist through the face. They give you a variety of kills as well, including my favorite, which involves a hapless victim being pelted by a variety of items, such as rocks, tires and even a mail box. It's fantastic.

I wish Sci-fi would show monster flicks like this instead of some of the creature of the week crap they usually do, as it's a well done low-budget movie that will have you chuckling and keep you entertained for all of its brief 83 minute run time. You can check it out on Netflix like I did though so you can get the blood, swearing and sasquatch peeping shower scene.

Well worth the price of admission. Check it out.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Bomb Queen vs. Hack/Slash

You know, sometimes I buy a comic and wonder why I did later. I'd have to say that Bomb Queen vs. Hack/Slash falls into that category. As a fan of Hack/Slash I thought I would enjoy the crossover. I read an issue of Bomb Queen once and didn't think it was too bad. I would say I even enjoyed it. Something about this comic really rubbed me the wrong way though.

It's got hot women, which I like. It has violence, which I like. It has Cassie and Vlad, who I definitely like. There are even some lesbian undertones, which I enjoy. I also like the occasional vulgarity. For some reason, I didn't really enjoy it here. It almost felt vulgar for vulgarity's sake and actually over-sexualized. The art was nice at least. Can't say I'd check out more Bomb Queen after this though apparently the writer doesn't let his characters get stagnant, as the last time I read it there was an actual city and now it's a nuked wreckage. Gotta give him props for that.

I think it's because the two properties don't really mesh well. Cassie Hack hunts slashers. Sure there are some criminals coming in from BQ's world, but they're not anything like the villains she normally fights. So why bother coming in at all? It's almost like she's the Punisher, stopping every bad guy, instead of just the supernatural ones. Previous crossovers like where she fought Chucky made more sense to me, as he fits into her oeuvre of villains. Meeting up with Ash from Army of Darkness would probably have been a much better fit.

Still, I've read worse. I've also read better, which might be why it suffers. How can any book compete after Annihilators this week? If you're a die hard fan of Hack/Slash or Bomb Queen, check it out. Otherwise, you can probably give it a pass.

Lost at Comic Con Editing

Got the proof of my book and I'm editing it again. I still need a cover as the one I'm using in the meantime kinda sucks. I'm just amazed at how much I catch things better when they're in print. Maybe it's just because I'm so used to looking at the computer screen that I glaze over it. Anyhow, it's progressing, slowly but surely and I'm marking up the pages with a massive amount of red pen. Hopefully I can add some more pages to my editing count today. I was hoping to have it all done this weekend but I don't think that's happening. I'll have to bring it along to work and do that during lunch instead of writing The Secret Life of Astrogirl.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

War of the Green Lanterns

Picked up my comics for the last couple of weeks at Comics Plus yesterday. Among other books, I got the first three parts of War of the Green Lanterns. I thought it was actually rather good. I was disillusioned after Blackest Night, where the GL titles felt almost like filler compared to the main BN title and minis, though GLC rocked throughout it. Now, all the GL titles are where the story is at, just like they were in the Sinestro Corps War, and I like it.

The story brings to a boil threads that had been going on in the titles, culminating with the mad Oan Krona capturing all of the entities of the various Corps and putting them under his control, threatening not only the GLC, but the entire universe with his plan, which I haven't quite figured out yet. The way it's shaping up though, it's going to be the four human lanterns against the odds and possibly without rings as they're the only ones free from Krona, currently. I'm actually hoping they bring in the Corpse, as Hal and Guy are meeting on an ice planet much like the one Guy met the leader of the GLC black ops division so long ago with Ramey, the hot butterfly girl. Wishful thinking, maybe.

It's well worth checking out if you're a fan of some good cosmic storytelling and it seems like Johns is going back to telling a grand old epic that we can all enjoy. I'm very much looking forward to the next installment, though reading all three at once was a treat. I might have to wait and do that again.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

New Green Lantern Trailer

The new Green Lantern trailer from Wondercon. I have to say, I was excited for the first one, but now that they're showing off even more sfx and making it a tad more serious instead of wacky Ryan Reynolds (who I love anyway) I am hooked. I can't wait to see this when it comes out.

Some of the figures don't look to bad either from the movie toy line. Some are crap, and they should really take a page from Hasbro with the Iron Man toys. Those things were slick. I understand cost is an issue, but for some reason, Mattel has problems with the series that are its bread and butter, giving us too much of one thing and not enough of another, such as putting numerous Supermen and Batmen on the shelves but leaving us scrambling for other figures in JLU and shortchanging us on guys in DCUC, though for some reason the 6" market is prone for that, as Toy Biz Marvel Legends taught us back in the day. Thanks for all the Beasts, guys. Ah well. I'll get what I can.