Sunday, March 27, 2011

Village Whiskey

Spent a night in Philly. Tried out a new place while we were there. Well, new for us. Village Whiskey, on 20th and Sanson, I believe, though if you search it you'll find it. I was intrigued by it mainly for the whiskey aspect. They have an amazing list of bourbons and scotches and whiskeys of all sorts. And they were divine. But the food. Oh my good, the food was amazing. It was a limited menu, with mostly burgers and sandwiches available. I got the pulled pork sandwich and my wife got a burger. Both were fantastic. There were also friend pickles and pickled beets and fries that were fried in duck fat. Divine. I think it spoiled us for dinner, which was great, but the fantastic lunch at the place just completely ruined us. If you're there and don't mind the walk from you hotel or a drive, check it out.

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