Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tron Legacy

I'm a big fan of Tron. I loved the movie as a kid and I still enjoy it now. Sometimes I even try to break out the frisbees and get people to play with me. No luck. Fortunately, I had another way to get my fix with the release of Tron Legacy. I was pretty excited for this film. Same characters and actors, new graphics, Olivia Wilde being sexy. What's not to love?

The movie takes place 20 years or so after the original. Flynn has been missing for years and his son wants nothing to do with the company, aside from playing pranks and being a troublemaker. One day, however, Alan shows up with his pager, saying that it came from Flynn's old office at the arcade, which has been closed for years (a shame, as arcades are awesome). Sam goes there and gets sucked into the grid, where a computer program clone of his father, named Clu, has made the place into, well, much as it was during Sark's rule with the MCP. It's a bit more built up, ok, a lot more, and similar to our world, but it's still the grid and oppressed and in need of some freeing. Unfortunately, Sam doesn't have many allies in this fight, save for Quorra (Wilde) and some rebels and hopefully, his father.

I really enjoyed this one. It's true that it's a nostalgia trip for people who enjoyed the first movie, a love letter to them, really. There's light cycles, there's disc chucking and even a solar sailer. There's the familiar blue and orange lined outfits we've come to love. And there's Jeff Bridges. The plot isn't anything really to write home about, but it was just great seeing these characters again. Even those who aren't fans should be drawn into the story easily and enjoy the great special effects and solid acting. And Olivia Wilde. I've been a fan of hers since Turistas and seeing her in a Tron outfit is like seeing heaven itself. She just looks fantastic. Seeing Flynn back in action was great as well, though he does take a back seat to his son and Quorra.

It's well worth checking out for fans of Tron and sci-fi in general, and for those that who aren't as big into it, the movie is a nice way to spend two hours and shut the brain down for awhile and enjoy yourself without giving yourself brain damage like the Clash of the Titans remake might do to you.

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