Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mirrodin Besieged Pre-Release or Eric's First Sanctioned Tournament

It was a Sunday unlike any other for me. Indeed, it was the day of my first Magic: The Gathering Pre-Release tournament, specifically for the new set of Mirrodin Besieged. It was a rather warm day for the season, at 40 degrees or so, so I walked down to Jiffy Photo and Baseball Cards, my local game store. I was there early and got signed up and mingled for a bit and then it was game time. I collected my packs for the Phyrexian faction and proceeded to build a deck.

I got a decent lot of cards. No mythics, but I had a pretty solid infect base with the following:

Virulent Wound x2
Scourge Servant
Morbid Plunder
Plague Stinger
Rot Wolf x2
Core Prowler
Bladed Pinions
Septic Rats
Grasp of Darkness
Untamed Might
Flesh Eater Imp
Corpse Cur
Mimic Vat
Phyrexian Hydra
Unnatural Predation (cut at first, glad I put it in. Won last game.)
Creeping Corrosion (cleared house fourth game)
Viridian Corrupter
Phyrexian Juggernaut
Tangle Angler
Ichor Rats
Forest/Swamp x17 combined

One of the other players helped me fine-tune it a bit and then we were ready to play. My first round of play was against a red/white aggro deck. It was fast and furious and had two Burn the Impures, which is just lethal against an infect deck. I landed some threats but they were all burned away quickly and I fell in my two matches against him. I made some misplays that might have let me hang on for the second game, but I just think my deck didn’t have much of a chance versus that type of burn.

Second round I got a bye and thus a win. Go me.

Third round I played another Red/White deck. The first game I was burned out rather quickly and done in by some Spin Engines. The second game I managed to land a decent amount of infectors, Flesh Eater Imp in particular, and got 10 poison counters on him and won. The third game I jumped ahead quickly with a slew of infectors, recurring one with a corpse cur when he was burned, and landed 9 poison counters quickly. He had a 4/4 blocker out so I hit him with a 3 power guy and then cast Virulent Wound which ended the round in my favor. Interesting postscript--several other players were talking about cards and they said “Imagine losing to Virulent Wound”. Then my opponent said, sadly, “I just did”.

The fourth round didn’t go so well for me. He was blue/green Phyrexian but no infect. I got terrible hands, even mulliganing down a ton. No avail. I seriously lost these matches in about 5 minutes. Fortunately we got to play some more since everyone else was still going long and he taught me that pile shuffling works a little better in breaking up the cards, so I did that for my next game.

Round five came and I was up against another red/white deck. Game one I landed a ton of quick infectors like Rot Wolf and just kept hitting for the win after clearing away some artifacts with a Creeping Corrosion. Game two I landed an early Mimic Vat, which got imprinted with a Corpse Cur when he was burned away. I then played Phyrexian Hydra and swung with him, but he got chumped and then burned by the Kuldotha Flamefiend that my opponent had out. So I put the hydra on the vat and sprung him out. My opponent chumped him with a 1/1 when he was at 2 poison counters so I cast Unnatural Predation which landed another 7. The he scooped.

I ended up 3-2 for the day and didn’t win anything but it was a great experience. I credit my buddy Dave for giving me some good sealed pool experience. Hopefully I’ll get to do it again soon and actually win some packs this time. Crazy set. Well worth playing. I’m glad I put the Unnatural Predation in after the guy earlier on told me to cut it. Giving the Hydra trample is just so key to winning.

Anyone else play?

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