Sunday, January 09, 2011


I didn't feel like a long movie on Friday night, so when I was browsing the instant view section of Netflix that night, a short film popped up that caught my eye, entitled Aftermath. From the description, it was a horror film set after hours in a morgue. What could happen? I was hoping for zombies. I was wrong.

I wish it were zombies.

Instead, I was treated to what could only be described as a true entry in the torture porn genre of horror movies. I will be spoiling things from this moment on as there isn't much else, content-wise to the film. Basically it opens with two morticians going about their work, cutting open bodies and what have you. Grisly but fun. I enjoyed it. Well, one man goes home and the other lingers to work on another body. There's no dialogue so you just have to guess about how they got there. Seems like the next body is a woman. I should have known something was up.

He cuts off her clothes easily enough and there's a bit of fondling but nothing severe. Then he pulls out his knife and, well, perforates her nether regions with them repeatedly, as if he was, well, fucking her with them. Then he proceeds to completely gut her with said knife. Whereas we're disgusted by this point, it seems that our friend in the scrubs is a little more excited by it and starts pulling his tallywhacker until he spreads the love in his pants. While looking at her gutted body. Yeah.

It's not done.

Apparently the hands on approach isn't quite good enough for him so he decides to take it to the next level by having a ride on the eviscerated girl. First things first though, he sets up his camera (Nikon, if you're wondering). Then he gets to work while the camera, set on auto, click click clicks away. After he's done, possible with a nap, he cleans up and takes her heart with him where he goes and feeds it to his dog at home. The end.

Thank christ for that.

There's not much subtext on this one. There's no real character development. Dude just goes and fucks a corpse that he went ape shit on. Which is fine if that's you're type of thing, but it's not so much a horror film as it is just a really, really gross one. It's not even fun like Repenetrator. Just a horrible film about a horrible act. If you're curious, I would say you can check it out, but if movies like Saw and Hostel disgust you, then this might make you lose your lunch. Fortunately it's not terrible graphic with the sex, but there is a lot of blood. It's well shot too, for what it's worth.

I knew I should have watched Best Worst Movie instead.

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