Sunday, November 07, 2010

Repo: The Genetic Opera

As it was my birthday weekend and I had choice of movie last night, I chose something I had been wanting to see for awhile but just forgot about until I saw it on instant streaming. The movie? Repo: The Genetic Opera. It's listed as a musical but I was happy to report that they actually sing all the way through, like they do in real opera, save for a smattering of lines here and there, which makes it a rather fun experience. I rather liked it.

In the near future, organ failure becomes rampant and the human race is dying off. Enter GeneCo and their organ replacement plan, saving people everywhere for a price. Not long after this, however, they get a bill passed through congress that makes it legal for them to be able to repossess the organs if the recipient can't make the payments on it. To do this, they have employed a grim Repo Man who cuts the organs out while they're still alive and is pretty much a boogeyman-type figure to the people of the city. The family that owns the company, the Largos, are a bunch of degenerates and madmen and their father, who is dying, doesn't want to leave them any of it. Enter a girl, the daughter of a doctor (Anthony Stewart Head) in the Largo's employ who he sees as a way to get back at his family, and at the doctor, who long ago had stolen the women he loved. The daughter, however, is dying of a blood disease herself and is sequestered in her room by her father, never allowed to go outside, even though she desperately wants to. Add in a plot about a singer (played by Sarah Brightman) who wants out of the business but owes her sight to the company and a graverobber who makes anesthetic out of the dead and you have one wacky time.

It's a mad movie, for certain, replete with a overabundance of style and panache and fast editing and disturbing visuals. But it's a good one. I didn't find myself bored with it and each of the actors does well with their parts and the singing, especially Head and Brightman, who are fantastic. Paul Sorvino has a fun turn as the head of the company and we even get some Bill Mosely action for good measure. Alexa Vega makes a decent lead, though her singing isn't quite as up to snuff compared to her co-stars. Even Paris Hilton sounds better than her for the most part. A small complaint, at best.

The songs are well written. Some are better than others but that might be more a matter of the scenes which they are in and the characters that they're sung by than anything else. The drug description song is one of my favorites and I'm probably going to make it my ring tone, I enjoyed it so much.

It's a unique experience for a sci-fi/horror movie, but a fun one. The pieces range from more classically-styled songs to full on rock and roll and blend together quite well. It may not be repeat viewing for everyone, but it's definitely worth a least one viewing for such an interesting and unique film. I might actually check it out again tonight before the Walking Dead, I'm digging it so much. It's unfortunate that it didn't do so well at the box office, because ingenuity like this deserves to be rewarded. The writer said it was planned as a trilogy too, so it's a shame if we don't get to see more of this. Still, what we have is pretty damn good and I think I found my Halloween costume for next year. Check it out.

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