Saturday, November 06, 2010


Started watching this little documentary last night on a whim, as I'm a fan of the Burning and the Cropsey legend and wondered how it would go in depth and explore it. Honestly, it really doesn't shed much light but instead focuses on a real killer and how it might be based on him, even though he didn't seem to stalk campers but instead kidnapped and killed mentally handicapped children. The truth side is definitely chilling and I can't believe this went on for so long in Staten Island. If I were a parent when this was going on, I'd be scared shitless for my kids. Nowadays, with things like this being pretty rampant, I'm still scared shitless but this case just really put me on edge. It's a sobering little watch and I wish they focused a little more on the Cropsey legend instead but the results are good, regardless. Check it out.

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