Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Video Dead

For this week's Friday Night Fright, I went into the time machine and actually picked up The Video Dead off the shelf of Easy Video instead of letting it languish there whilst I rented something else. Ok, that's not true. I just streamed it from Netflix. It is a bit of a holy grail for me, though, as it was one I never got around to watching and then by the time I wanted to, I could never find it for rent. Such is life. So after years of waiting, how was it?

Honestly? Not bad. Not bad at all. Ok, it was bad in a sense, ok a couple of senses, with acting and plotting being the main culprits, but it has a charm that makes you embrace that badness instead of just switching it off for something else. The effects are low budget and the makeup isn't stellar but it works, often better for me than something like The Dead Next Door, which had an equally dismal budget.

The story follows a brother and sister who are moving into a house while there parents are away overseas. That wouldn't be a problem except that three months before a haunted tv set was delivered and killed the previous owner with zombies from it. When the boy finds the tv in the attic and turns it on, he unleashes an evil on the town the likes of which they have never seen--The Video Dead. Once that happens, its a fairly brisk pace of murder and mayhem as the brother and sister try to piece together what is happening with the help of a Texan who has encountered the tv before. Along the way we get some funny kills and some good ones as the Video Dead decide to kill the neighbors before the people in the house. Can they stop them before they kill the whole block? Find out yourself. I'm not telling.

I enjoyed the movie a bit. Maybe it was the scotch or maybe it was just the fun vibe that it gave off. The movie knows it isn't as pretty or sophisticated as other movies in the genre but it tries hard and puts out that extra effort that really make it worth watching in all its lunacy. Its no Troll 2, but I had a fun time with it and the inane dialogue (there's great stuff about poodles) and some interesting zombie make-up (some look pretty decent, one looks like Gary from the Howard Stern Show) and it all gels to make a ride worth signing on for. Check it out.

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