Saturday, October 23, 2010

New York Ripper

For tonight's Friday Night Fright I decided to go Italian, since I was denied my customary spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. For this feast for my eyes, I picked The New York Ripper by Lucio Fulci. I had heard good things about this film, that it was one of his best. Having loved his zombie series of films like Zombie, Zombie 3, the Beyond, City of the Living Dead and the like, I figured I'd try this one, which was more of a giallo/slasher film.

In this movie, a killer is terrorizing the young women of New York, quacking like a duck and cutting them up gruesomely. We follow a detective on the case, a young woman who survives the attack and her husband, Alexendra Delli Colli playing a perv and a professor as they all collide on the path to figuring out who is responsible for the murders and which one of them could be next. It's a pretty solid thriller with some rather effective kills that linger on the slow cuts and stabs that end each victim's life. The characters are rather interesting, especially Delli Colli who gets naked and tied up like in Zombie Holocaust, and the movie keeps moving at a brisk pace as we try to figure out who the killer is as well.

I'll have to say that the reveal wasn't much of a surprise as it is telegraphed early on, but they do some effective dekes that had me questioning whether my choice was correct or not. In the mean time, you get some great shots of the city and an effective use of color in some other shots that is astounding. I was applauding the use of extreme close-ups at first but he did seem to go overboard on them, at one point even having them as two men had a staring contest over the sounds of an audio sex tape.

All in all a solid effort, though it wasn't to my liking as much as his more supernatural films. The tension in several of the scenes makes up for that, such as one where the cops listen to the killer murder a young woman as they try to find out where she is. Good stuff.

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