Saturday, October 16, 2010

Madman 30th Anniversary DVD

Finally, after being on order for what seems like forever (1 month), my Madman dvd finally came in the mail. Why am I so excited for this? Why, it's the 30th anniversary dvd, loaded with bells and whistles and it's also in print, so I don't have to drop the cash for the OOP Anchor Bay dvd, which is a bonus.

What's the verdict? Pretty awesome so far. The print is nice and clean, though it has some of the same scratches and damage from the print I saw on IFC. Presumably, those can't be removed but it's all good. They give it that drive-in feel I love. I've read reports that there is some interlacing issues, but my dvd player/tv doesn't seem to care and it all looks fine to me. Those of you with progressive tvs may experience it differently but most of the players out there should be able to take care of it. I also heard that they removed the blue tint from a lot of the night scenes, but I honestly don't remember what ones and don't have the time to check it out. Some of them still have it and the others look good so I don't have any complaint. Maybe upon a comparison of the old print (on IFC this month) I can analyze it better. It's just so good to have Madman on dvd and not a bootleg or on the dvr.

Special features include a commentary from cast and crew, a 30th anniversary doc/retrospective and one of my favorites, a piece on bands that were influenced by the movie, which includes one of my favorite versions--the extended Ballad of Madman Marz by the Vicar of VHS. I have yet to sample all of these as I'm still working through the movie again, but I can't wait. It's a Halloween treat for me for sure and should be for you too.

If you have a love of the movie or just want to check it out without breaking the bank, this dvd is a solid purchase. Buy it quick too, as Code Red will be closing their doors soon. I hear that the producer said there might be another dvd down the line with some deleted scenes as well, but I don't know if I'd bank on it as it took us this long to get this disc. Check it out.

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