Saturday, October 30, 2010

The House on Sorority Row

Despite the provocative poster, House on Sorority Row isn't about sexy girls in their underwear. No, this classic slasher is about some girls who play a prank on their house mother that turns quite deadly. They hide the body and attempt to get rid of it but someone has seen what they did and is hunting them down one by one.

This one has been sitting in my queue for a while now so it was good to finally see it. I was quite impressed. It's a serious, terse little film with some good kills and only a few goofy parts, like the prank itself, where somehow making the house mother get in the pool at gun point seems like a good idea. After that though, when they're all complicit in the crime, it's played rather straight, with them trying to keep people at the party they're throwing out of the pool and then trying to get the body out of the house when it mysteriously appears upstairs in the attic.

I don't recognize anyone in the cast but they're generally good in their parts, with the bitchy ones being bitchy and the mousy ones being mousy. They actually act like college students, which is a nice change from the slashers of the 90s where everyone was self-aware and smarter than thou.

The kills are rather gory, usually involving the cane of the departed house mother, but a knife and some other implements are used as well. I'm sad that a movie like this isn't on the underrated slasher list over at Topless Robot, instead of films that have a higher profile than it. Very disappointing. Still, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying it. Check it out.

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