Saturday, October 23, 2010

FNM - Attack of the Insecticons!

So the thing that has me most excited about Scars of Mirrodin is the new infect ability. After reading The Turkish Tornado's, colum over at a few weeks ago I decided to give it a go. He was suggesting a three color Blue-Black-Green version using Adventuring Gear and fetch lands for massive fast creature pumps. Due to a lack of Verdant Catacombs I thought I would take it in a little bit different direction. I love the Distortion Strike combo making small creatures +1/+0 and unblockable. So I thought about what else was unblockable that I could work with infect. Creeping Tar Pit is unblockable and with Tainted Strike is a good late game option for a kill. In addition, Plague Stinger will give me some added evasion and Vampire's Bite will combo for some huge infect hits. When I first got back into MTG and into Standard I loved this card on turn 2 in conjunction with a turn 1 Vampire Lacerator. 5 points of damage that quick is pretty good, but on infect that is essentially 10 points of damage if you play it combined with Distortion Strike. You will have to watch out for the 2 for 1 (or even 3 for 1) doing this, so be careful (the loss of Path to Exile helps however). So here is the deck list I played last night:

Insecticons 1.0 (2010-10-22)

1 Hand of the Praetors 4 Creeping Tar Pit
4 Plague Stinger 2 Darkslick Shores
1 Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon 3 Drowned Catacomb

7 Island

Atrifact Creatures 7 Swamp
3 Ichorclaw Myr

3 Necropede 60 Total

3 Doom Blade 3 Corpse Cur
2 Steady Progress 4 Into the Roil
3 Tainted Strike 4 Livewire Lash
4 Turn Aside 4 Spell Pierce
2 Unsummon

3 Vampire's Bite 15 Total


4 Distortion Strike

4 Preordain

I started off against Adam. Adam beat my green elves deck a few weeks ago with his infinite combo myr deck. In game one I got out to a good start with three small infect creatures out and a nice Distortion Strike/Vampire's Bite combo on a Ichorclaw Myr. I was then able to get the kill on the next turn with the rebound, another Distortion Strike, and a Tainted Strike for some pump. 1-0 Game two did not go quite as well. After a mulligan to six I was doing alright, but then he got his combo off on turn four for the win. 1-1 Game three we both mulliganed to six and I was stupid and kept a junky hand (three Islands, three Distortion Strikes). I don't know why I ever kept this, it goes back to the rule "if you have to think about it you probably shouldn't keep it". Although I don't know why I was even thinking about this one. Maybe if those were Preordains instead, but not Distortion Strike, especially with the low creature count in the deck (twelve, that is one thing I am going to modify). So the game wasn't going bad, but I wasn't able to play much and he burned the one creature I got down. I had a lot of blue mana open so he was not playing the Splinter Twin but was able to beat on me with his myr. I got Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon in my hand but was stuck on only one black mana and his pair of Myr Galvanizers did me in.

0-1 (1-2)

Next up was Noyan playing mono black (check out his latest article on, yes, he net-decked himself). Game one was going well and I got him up to nine poison counters (or Phyrexia Bucks as I like to use). However when he played Liliana's Specter with a Mimic Vat in play things started to go sour. I should have held back and waited to get another Distortion Strike but I made some bad moves and attacked. With the specter on the Vat I was screwed having to discard every time the specter was played. Once he top decked Wurm Coil Engine I scooped because I had no out (he used Sadistic Sacrament and removed my two Steady Progress which was my only win condition in that situation since I could only play instants before having to discard). 0-1 Second game the Mimic Vat came out early again and I never really got any board control. He quickly killed me with a couple of Wurm Coil Engines. 0-2

0-2 (1-4)

Next up was a newer player at our FNM, I believe Josh was his name. His deck was a preconstructed deck at best. I'm not going to even write about this one because it was no contest (in addition to his weak deck he kept really bad hands both times and I don't think he shuffled well either). I felt kinda bad about that one, but what can you do?

1-2 (3-4)

Last round was against Eric playing a white knights deck. I can't remember much about game one except his knights pounded me pretty good (White Knight, Student of Warfare, Knight Exemplar). I actually don't remember much about games two and three, but I won game two and then in game three was able to swing in for the win with 2 life left facing down Ajani Goldmane and a couple of knights.

Overall it was a fun night trying out something new. A few changes I've already made are -4 Turn Aside, -2 Unsummon, -1 Tainted Strike, +4 Mana Leak, +1 Necropede, +1 Ichorclaw Myr, +1 Ichor Rats. The Mana Leaks will be much more useful than the Turn Asides and the extra creatures will bring me up to a creature count of 15 since not pulling many creatures was a problem. I also need to trade for two more Darkslick Shores. I thought about mainboarding two Into The Roils in place of the Unsummons, but I think the Mana Leaks will be better. We'll see. Now what do I play at FNM and game day next week, Insecticons 1.1 or back to elves?


Worsel said...

I was going to suggest Ichor Rats. With the blue/black you might want some proliferate in there. Not necessarily contagion clasp but thrummingbird is an early beater and if it hits you can multiply their counters.

Noyan said...

I approve of these changes :D

Anonymous said...

Steady Progress provides proliferate and card draw. I thought about Thrummingbird, but he's not good until you actually get a poison counter on them. It will work well with Tainted Strike though.

I also chose the 4th Necropede and Ichorclaw Myrs over more Ichor Rats due to the double black in the casting cost.

Worsel said...

Sorry, I meant more proliferate. I love thrummingbird. He just sounds dirty. :)