Saturday, September 18, 2010

Troll 2

As it was Friday night and I was looking for something to do before playing NHL 11, I decided a movie would be just the thing. I had read that the Video Dead was on Netflix instant view and had intentions of watching that. Instead, I decided on Troll 2, which popped up when I added the former movie. I gotta say, it was a brilliant fucking choice.

Troll 2 is amazing. It's an in-name-only sequel to the original that was originally filmed as something else but changed the title to capitalize on the original movie's ummmm, success I guess. The acting is terrible. The story is terrible. The effects are terrible. The package as a whole is terrible but there is something that captivates you and draws you in so that you can't stop watching.

The story follows a young boy who sees his dead grandfather and talks to him as the boy and his family get ready to go on a family vacation. Seems that they're taking part in a family exchange and going to live on a farm in a town called Nilbog, population twenty-six. Sounds like a blast. Well, the boy, Michael, begins to see that things aren't all peachy in the country and that the town is infested with goblins that want to eat them all. Throw in a crazy druid lady, some possibly bisexual teens in a camper, nasty looking food and people turning into trees, and you have quite a fun time lined up. Oh, and the goblins looks like midgets in burlap sacks wearing masks, which worked for the bogeymen in March of the Wooden Soldiers and I think it works well here.

It's not so bad it's good, it's so bad it's AWESOME. Seriously. I had a blast checking this out alone, and I can only imagine what a room full of drunks would be like with this film. There's a documentary that covers the fanbase and the making of the film too called Best Worst Movie that I must see now. That comes out on dvd in November, I believe. It will be mine, oh yes, it will.

Check it out.

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