Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Supernatural Returns

It feels like it has been off forever, even though it was only a few short months and I'm glad it's back. Supernatural is one of the more consistent shows in terms of quality and fun. Add in the fact that they seem to be back to a monster of the week style show after several seasons of a rather tight story arc and it should make for some great viewing. My only complaint is that the CW, in their infinite wisdom, moved it to Fridays, which is already heavy thanks to Fox putting Human Target and The Good Guys there. Also, it's kind of a shitty slot as people are going out. Still, it's still on so I'm happy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Troll 2

As it was Friday night and I was looking for something to do before playing NHL 11, I decided a movie would be just the thing. I had read that the Video Dead was on Netflix instant view and had intentions of watching that. Instead, I decided on Troll 2, which popped up when I added the former movie. I gotta say, it was a brilliant fucking choice.

Troll 2 is amazing. It's an in-name-only sequel to the original that was originally filmed as something else but changed the title to capitalize on the original movie's ummmm, success I guess. The acting is terrible. The story is terrible. The effects are terrible. The package as a whole is terrible but there is something that captivates you and draws you in so that you can't stop watching.

The story follows a young boy who sees his dead grandfather and talks to him as the boy and his family get ready to go on a family vacation. Seems that they're taking part in a family exchange and going to live on a farm in a town called Nilbog, population twenty-six. Sounds like a blast. Well, the boy, Michael, begins to see that things aren't all peachy in the country and that the town is infested with goblins that want to eat them all. Throw in a crazy druid lady, some possibly bisexual teens in a camper, nasty looking food and people turning into trees, and you have quite a fun time lined up. Oh, and the goblins looks like midgets in burlap sacks wearing masks, which worked for the bogeymen in March of the Wooden Soldiers and I think it works well here.

It's not so bad it's good, it's so bad it's AWESOME. Seriously. I had a blast checking this out alone, and I can only imagine what a room full of drunks would be like with this film. There's a documentary that covers the fanbase and the making of the film too called Best Worst Movie that I must see now. That comes out on dvd in November, I believe. It will be mine, oh yes, it will.

Check it out.