Sunday, August 15, 2010

His Name Was Jason

Updated version of the music video coming soon. While it was rendering, I watched this little documentary last night about the Friday the 13th series. Documentary might be not the right word for it, as it was basically a puff piece with people who were remembering the series as either fans or stars/crew members. They didn't really shed much new light on anything but it was a decent way to kill an hour and a half. It's hosted by Tom Savini, who, using the haunted house based on the series in Universal Studios, punctuates each segment with screams and gore. The interviewed members ranged from Sean S. Cunningham, the director of the original and pretty much father of the series to random cast members who you don't even remember in the films and everyone in between. They were noticeably lacking Thom Matthews, who as Tommy Jarvis in part 6, was one of the few human males to give Jason a run for his money consistently and not die doing so. They covered the film, but not a ton, which is unfortunate, as it is one of my favorite ones due to the humor element and the fact that this is where they changed Jason into a zombie/undead monster for the most part.

I wasn't a fan of the seemingly tacked on puff piece about the then new remake coming out, as they didn't tell you much about it and it was just everyone talking it up saying how it was going to be awesome. It was good, that is for certain, much better than Freddy vs. Jason. Kind of a crappy coda to end on though. It would have been fun if they got Kevin Bacon to reminisce about his role in the first film as well, but to no avail. Worth checking out for fans of the series.

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