Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend of Non-Horror

Been a busy weekend for me. In addition to my normal duties of taking care of my lovely daughter, I got to see the A-Team, which was awesome. It actually hit on the right notes for an adaptation. Most of the ones coming out like Land of the Lost and Starsky and Hutch are played for comedy and border on parody, so it's nice to see something that treats the source material with a little more reverence. The story is pretty solid and the cast is top notch. I expected good things and got them from Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper, but complete surprises were Rampage Jackson and the dude from District 9. Both played their parts very well, and I was happy to see Murdock was rather insane and nailed it completely. Definitely worth checking out.

Next up, I met with my buddy Rob tonight to film a music video at Monmouth Beach. It was a dusk shoot with fading light so we had to move quickly and we did so with great aplomb. I rocked my HV20 on a steadicam (home made) while Rob used the Digital Harenizumi 2. I think we have more than enough for the video, with 20+ minutes alone being recorded by me, so in addition to Rob's stuff, we should be sitting pretty for the edit session. It was rather crazy, being at the beach where the surf was pounding us. We all went barefoot and I had my cam wrapped in a DIY weatherproofing rig (ziploc bag) to protect it mainly from sand, but it turns out that surf was to be my enemy. It was wild, definitely one of the cooler shoots I've done. Look for that video soon.

Now my arms hurt from wielding the camera, so I must bid you adieu. Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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