Sunday, July 18, 2010


I can't remember if I ever uploaded a photo of the steadicam that I made and use on a regular basis for filming. Well, here it is in all of its unholy glory. The recipe to make one for yourself is pretty simple. It's based in part on the Poor Man's Steadicam recipe that you can find on the web that utilized lead pipes. Or steel. I can't remember. Instead of that, we use a monopod as the base. On the lower shaft you attach a weight like you would on a barbell. You can also use the velcro ankle weights if you don't want it as permanent.

After that, you put a layer of foam and tape on the top shaft, pretty much right under the handle. Then you slide the t-joint onto it. It should be a tight fit. You drill two holes for thumbscrews before attaching and insert them after you have it where you want it and tighten away. Then you, again through previously drilled holes, screw in the pvc pipe and cap. Wrap some foam and tape around the end where you will be holding so you have a good grip. If you like, you can paint it before hand so you have it all black and the white doesn't stand out.

I don't particularly care that it is white or looks odd as I made it for about 15 bucks so that's just fine with me. Depending on your camera, you may need more or less weight and by extending the monopod, you can either use it as a monopod or change the center of gravity, which helps with the balance. The more you know, and all that jazz.

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