Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: Midnight Movie (2008)

Since the wifey was going to bed early tonight, I decided that I was overdue for a horror movie. Considering that I have a ton on DVR that I haven't watched yet, it was a tough decision on exactly what to watch. In the end, I chose Midnight Movie. I can't say I regret it but I'm not exactly thrilled by it.

The premise sounds neat enough. A bunch of people come to a theater to watch a cult horror film and end up getting picked off one by one by the killer from the movie. The execution is a little lacking in places and it leads to an uneven film. The main part is shot competently enough, but the movie within a movie was rather terrible. I'm not saying they needed to make a classic, but when you're watching something that's supposed to be from 1968-ish and in B&W, you should at least put a little effort into the filters. Converting a film to black and white and putting some scratches on it does not authenticity make. They could have fiddled for about 5 minutes in FCP and done better if they tried. Honestly.

The cast is likable enough and do a good job, though there are the usual stereotypes found throughout it like the asshole, the final girl with a secret, the burly tough who has a good heart, a little fucking kid. You know the drill. You get to know most of them and care a little bit when they get killed and you find yourself rooting for them against the killer, who has a cool mask, kinda like Leslie Vernon in a way, but a shitty weapon, which looks like a metal ice cream cone. In the end, it doesn't matter, as there isn't really an ending. What leads up to a third act doesn't really pay off and you're left wondering what happened to everyone. I know it was semi-magical and I didn't need to know exactly how the film comes to life, but I do want a little sense that I didn't just waste a half an hour, which is what I'm kinda feeling.

If you can catch it on tv, I'd say give it a whirl, but prepare to be disappointed in the end. The rest of it was worth it but the ending just killed me. Maybe they're just waiting for the sequel.

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