Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jim Wynorski is My Hero

I mean, in addition to directing the legendary classic Chopping Mall aka Killbots, he's got a pretty solid body of softcore films that are parodies of mainstream blockbusters, such as Cleavagefield, the DaVinci Co-Ed and the Bare Wench Project. Then he's done fun little cheapies like Ghoulies 4, Munchie, The Return of Swamp Thing and Komodo vs. Cobra. It's like he combines the two things I love into films as much as possible. I love the exploitation sensibilities of his films and they're pretty fun. And in the instance of parodies, particularly Cleavagefield, they're more entertaining than some of the original film they mock. I mean, shit, as goofy as the monster was in the parody, at least you saw the fucking thing. And then there's the copious amounts of sex. Never a bad thing for some late at night viewing.

I only bring this up since I taped The Hills Have Thighs, his newest epic, on Cinemax last night and plan on being entertained by it. Maybe I'm in a schlocky, softcore kind of mood. Maybe I'm just curious about how it holds up to the original and the pretty decent remake. Maybe I'm just a dirty old man now at heart.

Either way, at lot of his stuff is pretty top notch budget film making in my book. Check him out.

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