Sunday, July 04, 2010

Colloctor's Corner FNM Top 4

Friday I played FNM at Collector's Corner. There was a huge turnout (28 players) which is more than double their usual turnout. I played my version of Beastmaster Monument based off of Zvi Mowshowitz's Pro Tour San Juan block constructed deck. The changes are due to either a) not having all the cards or b) the addition of M10 options. Here it is:

Beastmaster Monument 1.0 (07/02/2010)

Side Board
4 Garruk Wildspeaker 4 Leatherback Baloth

3 River Boa

Creatures 2 Naturalize
1 Avenger of Zendikar 2 Tajuru Preserver
2 Elvish Archdruid 2 Gigantiform
4 Joraga Treespeaker 1 Gelatnis Genesis
1 Khalni Hydra 1 Forrest
4 Kozilek's Predator

4 Lanowar Elves 15 Total
1 Lotus Cobra

4 Nest Invader

1 Oracle of Mul Daya

1 River Boa

1 Wolfbriar Elemental



4 Beastmaster Ascension

1 Eldrazi Conscription


1 Bestial Menace


2 Eldrazi Monument


16 Forrest

1 Dread Statuary

4 Khalni Garden

3 Oran-Rief, the Vastwood

60 Total

My first match was against Dan who was running Elvish Monument. Dan's deck still needs some upgrades like three more Eldrazi Monuments so without the big win conditions, it wasn't a huge challenge. It was a fun match and great for a warm-up since I haven't played standard in 2.5 months.

Win 2-0.

My second match was against John playing Jund. John was playing really fast and I started to get pretty nearvous. I won game 1 after dropping some elves, Nest Invager, Kozilek's Predator, Avenger of Zendikar with three plants, then popping Garruk's Ultimate with a Beastmaster Ascension in play. That was sick. Second games I sided in the 3 additional River Boa's for their regenerate ability (removed 3 Nest Invaders). I was able to get out 2 River Boa's Early and he was mana screwed with only a Putrid Leach in play. I had Beastmaster out and was attacking with the two River Boas. I got it charged up to 6, but he Jund Charmed it. I don't remember exacltly the whole match, but I had him down to 3, and then the game just swung in his favor with a couple more Jund Charms and the Leach. He took me down to one and I thought I had a chance until he played Blightning for the win. Nerves were kicking and I know I made some mistakes in this game (forgetting an Eldrazi Spawn when I played Nest Invader!). After the match was over we chatted a bit and he told me I could have won game 2 if I had attacked with my plant token one turn to get the full charge on Beastmaster. Bad mistake that cost me the game. Thinking back I think he may have suckered me on that one when he said "attacking with river boas?" and I did. I could be speculating, but that may have been the turn I could have won if I had slowed down and played more carefully. Lesson learned, stay calm and think each play through. Game three I added in the 4 Leatherback Baloths in place of 3 Kozilek's Predators and Bestial Menace (this card ended up getting sided out just about every time). I don't remember much about this game but John took it for the match win.

Lose 1-2

My next match was against someone playing vampires. This match was over pretty quick by popping Garruk's ultimate in the first game. Second game my deck played pretty smooth again and he was short on mana.

Win 2-0

My next match was agains a red blue black deck with Sedraxis Specter and Abyssal Persecutors. The first game was close because I was able to get out a monument to block his flyiers (he also had Sarkhan Vol out and was making 4/4 dragons). The problem was I had to sacrifice to the monument every turn and eventually he was able to swarm me with his fliers. From my sideboard in the second match I grabbed the Leatherback Baloths figuring I could take a shot at just pounding him early. I got lucky and one baloth came out on turn two or three and was able to start pounding him. I didn't really see the specters or persecutor that game and was able to take the win. I don't really remember the third game, but took the win for the match win.

Win 2-1

At 3-1 I was looking pretty good to make the top 8. I was paired up with my friend Keith who was currently in fifth place (I was in fourth) and we were able to draw in to top 8. He was playing his Red-Green Elves. We played two games for fun and split 1-1. It was an odd match-up but fun.


My overall record was 3-1-1 and I made the top 8. Who did I get paired against? Keith.

So our decks run kinda similar but he had a small advantage with Elvish Archdruid pumping all his creatures, and Nissa being able to grab Nissa's Chosen to sacrifice to Monument. First game was crazy with both of us getting Monument online. It was pretty much a stalemate and I was using Garruk to make beasts to sacrifice to the monument. Eventually I just ran out of creatures and he swarmed me. Note the Elvish Visionary was also a big advantage for him being able to draw a card off it and then sac it to monument. Second game I sideboared 11 cards! The baloths, boas, Naturalize, and Gigantiform all went into the deck. Second game the deck ran really well getting two baloths out on turns 2 and 3. He played Pithing Needle and named Garruk Wildspeaker who I was holding in my hand, so that was a dead card. I eventually won the game by dropping an Eldrazi Conscription on a spawn token and he scooped. The third game was close and his mana was running odd with all green for a few turns (actually that may have been the second game). He got out a Pithing Needle again and named Garruk and the next turn dropped Monument. I was thinking I was in trouble here, but was holding Naturalize, Garruk, and Khalni Hydra. I was about to naturalize the Pithing Needle, but then realized that stupid and the Monument was the real threat since I had the hydra. I naturalized the monument and played an elf. Then I think I played Wolfbriar Elemental kicked twice next turn and was able to play the Hydra for GGG the following turn. With that on the field I was able to take the game.

With that win I made top four and we split since it was almost 1:30 am by then.

Overall this was a really exciting night. I played mono-green which I love and did really well. I was also able to trade for a second Lotus Cobra to replace the Oracle of Mul Daya. I also picked up another Wolfbriar yesterday to replace the Bestial Menace and substituted Pithing Needle into the sideboard to replace the Gelatinouss Genesis.

M11 comes out next weekend, so I'm not sure how that will affect this deck in the future but I guess we'll find out in a few weeks. This deck is really fun, so I'll probably continue to play it.

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Worsel said...

Good job man! Get anything good in the boosters? I love your write-ups for the games. I need to start going on Fridays here. Maybe I can teach Cassie to play.