Sunday, June 13, 2010

RID: Ultra Magnus

A few years ago they released the Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus in a two-pack for Costco, I think. I got it for Xmas and promptly combined them into Omega Prime and never really looked back. I had a separate Optimus Prime that I kept in regular mode already and didn't think about keeping UM in his. Well, since today was unbearably hot, I decided to stay indoors and thusly find the instructions for the two-pack and see how Ultra Magnus fared in his non-combined mode.

The verdict? Pretty good. After trying to figure out the transformation on my own, I decided to bust out the instructions as I was hitting an impasse on one part or another. After I did that, it was a lot easier. I was actually surprised how people said the transformation in his regular mode was so difficult. The change from robot to vehicle and back is actually rather simple, save for getting the side panels to line up just right at times, but that's not an every transformation occurrence.

The vehicle mode is bricky, compared to the articulated G1 version, but it's probably where the toy shines. He can hold 3 of the RID vehicles in this mode or, more importantly, three TF Classics-style figures, save for Hot Rod, who seems to have a different wheelbase. He can hold the G1 Hot Rod just fine though. That's handy as I don't have any of the other RID toys so this gives me something to hold the Classics I have and fill out this mode.

The robot mode isn't terrible. It's actually pretty good for a figure whose sole purpose is to combine with Optimus. That usually leads to some rather sketchy modes, ala God Bomber for G1 Power Master. That sucker is more brick like than Optimus in robot mode. Ultra Magnus as much more articulation in this mode, though the legs are rather tall and stiff, being a pretty straight up conversion of the trailer. The arms make up for this though and give you the opportunity for more posing.

I'm altogether pleased with him and it'll probably be awhile before I go back to Omega Prime, even though that mode rocks, as I'm in an alt mode kind of mood and his rocks my socks off. That and I can't afford the Classics trailer so I'll do what I can.

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