Sunday, June 06, 2010

Drag Me to Hell

Sam Raimi, long known for the Evil dead films and more recently the Spider-Man movies, made his return to the horror genre last year with Drag Me to Hell. The result? Mother-fucking triumphant. The film hits on all cylinders and keeps you going from start to finish, playing out with a few surprises and the cinematic stylings that we're used to from Raimi.

The plot follows a young woman who works at a bank and has the misfortune of denying an old gypsy woman and extension on her mortgage. The woman gets cursed and things go downhill from there. Seems that if she doesn't get the curse removed or revoked in three days, she gets *bum bum bum* dragged to hell by a demon. Fairly straightforward but it works. The cast is likable and play their parts well. Alison Lohman in particular is rather awesome and puts up with quite a bit of abuse during the film, being sprayed with various types of gore throughout the film. It reminds me of the abuse Bruce Campbell used to take in the Evil Dead films.

Speaking of which, this film is probably the next best thing to an Evil Dead sequel. Spiritually, it's a successor to the series with it's humor/horror mixture and the demon even behaves a little like the deadites, though it clearly diverges from the spawn of the Necronomicon. Maybe it could be considered a side story in the same universe plagued by the undead.

It's nice to have Raimi back in the saddle on a horror film. His touch has been sorely lacking from the scene, even though he's made quite a few great movies since Army of Darkness. I like how there aren't any fake scares in the film. Nothing ever turns out to be the cat. Instead, it's the demon running rampant through Lohman's world.

Check it out. Seriously. It's that good.

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