Friday, May 28, 2010

Power Girl #12

After missing it at my local comic book store on Wednesday (sold out), I finally managed to pick up a copy at Clockwork Comics by my workplace. Unfortunately, I didn't get to read it just then so I had to wait even longer than usual until I could curl up with one of my favorite books out there. Was it worth it? You bet.

Power Girl is one of those rare comics--it's fun. Too many seem bogged down with that dark, grittiness that I thought we were getting rid of. Instead, like Atomic-Robo (another great book--check it out), PG focused more on the lighter side of being a superhero. That doesn't mean things didn't get serious, which they did, but it took it all in stride and embraced some of the absurdities that the cape crowd has to go through in setting up a personal life and having a very public one.

In this issue, the creative team of Gray, Palmiotti, Conner and Mounts say goodbye by wrapping up all of their plot threads and explore some of the little things in PG's universe. It opens with a borderline-softcore scene with Terra where they bond and then follows PG as she interacts with most of the supporting cast, be they heroes or villains, like Vartox and the little blackmailing kid. To some, it would simply be the closing up of an arc. To most, it's a bittersweet goodbye as we don't know if we'll see these characters again in their current form once the new creative team takes over. Considering one part of that team is Judd Winick, it seems rather doubtful.

Still, that doesn't change the fact that it's a good issue. We get action, we get humor and we get some good sentimentality and it hits all the right buttons. It's a shame it had to end so soon for us but here's hoping that the next team stays true to the developments in the book that have Kara using her brains more than her brawn to solve problems

Also, I want to lick the artwork. Is that bad?

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