Sunday, April 04, 2010

Zombie Jesus Day

It's Easter and I'm sitting here in the sun and relaxing before I have to go for dinner, thinking about Magic decks. Nothing in particular about them, just that I want to make some more and it's hard when your daughter keeps trying to take the cards from you to play with. Maybe I should move to the table. That or work on the script for Script Frenzy.

Thanks to Caitlin, I'm doing that this year. I've got about 12 pages in already so I'm actually ahead of the game right now. Hell, it might even be 13. I don't really find it as tough as Nanowrimo. Most of my scripts are dialog and that flows pretty easy and for scripts it's easy to find yourself doing five pages without even thinking about it. I think that is probably the more helpful part, as it is a standard thing like page count as opposed to word count, which can be difficult to gauge depending on what you're writing, novel-wise. Time to knock out some more.

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