Monday, April 26, 2010

Dead Air

What happens when you have two respected actors from the NOTLD remake get trapped in a radio station during a zombie-like outbreak and directed by Corbin Bernsen? Why, you get Dead Air, of course. Bill Mosely, better known for his work in TCM2 as Chop Top and Patricia Tallman, known as Barbara in the NOTLD remake are the on air talent and producer respectively and they're going about their night for the radio show. Across town, a terrorist attack has gone off sooner than expected and unleashed a gas into a stadium that turns the hapless victims into zombie-like maniacs who can infect you with a scratch and murder you just as quickly.

Our two heroes and their friends quickly realize that barricading themselves inside the building is the best idea, but with Bill's family outside, it seems like they might have to venture forth into the dangerous streets to save them, especially when the station isn't as safe as they hoped.

The film, a first for Bernsen, I believe, is a pretty solid little thriller with some good gore, good scares and decent comedy. The cinematography isn't anything groundbreaking but it's pulled off very well and the film is pleasing to look at and there are no glaring errors. You're drawn into the plight of the characters quickly and can relate to them. They're as bewildered as everyone else as the night turns into one of terror and they try to keep order and people informed when every other station is switching to the emergency broadcast system.

I hear Pontypool does a similar thing but with better results but the film is definitely worth checking out if you're a fan and even if you're not. Mosely turns in a great performance as an ass on the air who just wants to save his family and Patricia Tallman is still as sexy as ever. Check it out.

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