Monday, March 29, 2010

MTG: My 1st Vampire Deck

Inspired by Mixmaster, I've been working on some new MTG decks that I'll hopefully try out soon. Since I love the undead, here's a vampire deck I've been working on

Swamp x17
Piranha Marsh x3
Verdant Catacombs x1

Liliana Vess x1
Ob Nixilis x1
Butcher of Malakir x1
Anowon the Ruin Sage x1
Kalastria Highborn x1
Vampire Nocturnus x1
Malakir Bloodwitch x1
Vampire Nighthawk x3
Quag Vampires x1
Pulse Tracker x2
Ruthless Cullblade x2
Guul Draz Vampire x2
Vampire Hexmage x1
Bloodhusk Ritualist x1
Blood Seeker x1

Unholy Strength x2
Diabolic Tutor x1
Rise from the Grave x1
Quest for the Gravelord x1
Soul Stair Expedition x1
Trusty Machete x1
Doom Blade x1
Smother x1
Hideous End x2
Urge to Feed x2
Feast of Blood x3
Vampire's Bite x2

Not perfect and I see some room for improvement as I'm limited to the cards I have right now. I think I might add a Quietus Spike and a Sanguine Bond for starters, as well as a Blade of the Bloodchief or two. Another Vampire Hexmage or two would be nice too, as it helps clear off some pesky planeswalkers. Not many playsets of anything but I kind of enjoy the variety and getting out odd things, which will probably handicap my winning immediately. Any suggestions?


Keith Cooper said...

We can discuss this week if you want. I can share my successes playing vampires if you're interested.

Worsel said...

Sounds good to me. I'm loving all the new undead cards but I suffer from the "throw everything that looks fun to me" ailment in making decks. :)