Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dead Snow

Thanks to Dead Snow, I think I've seen a Nazi zombie film in just about every climate. The difference between this and the others was that this one was actually really good. It's also more of a hybrid between a slasher film and a zombie flick, with most of the deaths early on happening quickly, with the killers (zombies) sneaking around and using their stealth rather than just attacking the cabin that the kids are in.

The movie is set in the mountains of Norway, where several college students are going on Easter break to do some skiing and fooling around and drinking. They're staying at a cabin owned by their friend who they're meeting there and who is also the movie's first kill before the credits roll. Slowly they're picked off until they realize that something isn't right and they're being hunted by a nefarious evil force...of zombies.

Good gore and a fun ride all around. Check it out.

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