Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

The Gamers is a great little film I heard about from a friend. It's basically about a group of friends who play role-playing games, in particular D&D. The main protagonist is Lodge, who is the dungeon master and leading his friends through another run of the module he's creating in hopes that they finish it and he can base a story on it. We follow their adventures in the real world and in the game world as they interact with each other and kill some NPCs along the way. It's a fun film, and rather funny, though a lot of that humor is certainly more humorous if you have a background in D&D. The characters are likable for the most part and you end up caring if they can actually survive the adventure and also each other.

It's a rather low budget film, so don't go expecting a ton of special effects, but what they do utilize actually looks better than some of the Sci-fi channel dreck I've seen lately. At the very least they use more locations in the film other than castle and forest and make them look believable with what they have to work with, save for one room that is apparently a church or a gymnasium since it has a hardwood floor like a basketball court. It's well worth checking out. I got it on Netflix ondemand so if you have time to kill, check it out.

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Great flick!