Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cask of Rye

I got a DIY whiskey kit for Xmas from my wife and finally got the cask cured and filled over the weekend. It's a pretty cool little thing and it promises to be rather awesome altogether, as with it you put in the spirits and watch as they age over the weeks into a more mature and flavored drink. It's kind of like beer brewing, though with certainly less involved. It's more like the set it and forget it of brewing, as opposed to crafting it all yourself. I'll be posting pictures soon of it, as I have the cask and spirits from the weekend taken, but I'd like to take pictures of the first sample to see how the color has progressed. It should be getting darker with each week. This being the first week, there shouldn't be too much change, I figure, but it's worth a look.

I think I'll be doing this for at least a month or so. The instructions say 5 months, but everywhere I looked online said 4-7 weeks was more the deal, though they used regular whiskies that they were aging further, as opposed to cask strength spirits. We'll see. I'll let you know.

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