Sunday, January 17, 2010

Amazing Spiral MTG Tournament Report (01-16-2010)

Okay, so there is a tournament report from yesterday...

I was playing my Vampires again since it is really the only good tournament legal deck I have right now. I played it Friday night at Legends and went 1-4 (3W/9L) and pretty much finished in last. The on change I made Saturday was swapping out some equipment (Trailblazer's Boots & Blade of the Bloodchief) for 2 more Sign In Bloods which really helped.

Vampires 1.4 (01-16-2010)

Side Board
4 Vampire Nighthawk 2 Tendrils of Corruption
1 Vampire Nocturnus 1 Doom Blade
1 Malakir Bloodwitch 2 Blood Tribute
4 Vampire Hexmage 3 Duress
4 Gatekeeper of Malakir 1 Underworld Dreams
4 Vampire Lacerator 2 Needlebite Trap

1 Bloodchief Ascension

Instants 3 Mind Sludge
2 Tendrils of Corruption

3 Doom Blade 15 Total
4 Vampire's Bite


2 Sanguine Bond


2 Blood Tribute

4 Sign In Blood


1 Whispersilk Cloak

1 Quietus Spike


23 Swamp

60 Total

My first match was against Joe. His white deck was pretty cool. I was able to win Games 1 and 3 by getting out my lone Malakir Bloodwitch (protection from white) which he had no answer to. Game 2 he pounded me pretty good by Journey to Nowhereing all my Vamps and swarming me with angels that he started pumping out. Win 2-1. Lesson learned -- definitely need more Bloodwitches...

My second match was against Mason's Vampire deck. Mason stomped me in both games with his Bloodghasts and then playing a Vampire Nocturnous. Loss 0-2. Lesson learned -- Bloodghast is a pretty nasty card and I need more Vampire Nocturnouses...

Match 3 was against Allen and his mill yourselft deck. Winner makes the top 4. He beat me in game 1 by unearthing all his black creatures that he had milled and swarming me. Game 2 I hit off a Blood Tribute/Sanguine Bond combo for the win. Game 3 he pulled a bad hand and couldn't get a swamp out so it wasn't a very exciting match.

Top 4 vs. Danny using Joe's red deck. I was a bit nervous about this one because Dan had beat Mason earlier 2-1. This one was basically a race to the finish. He was pulling all those nasty red haste creatures and then unearthing them next turn along with throwing some lightning bolts. First game was close, I won with 3 life left. Sanguine Bond and Vampire Nighthawks w/ lifelink got me the win there. Second game went about the same and I was into the finals.

The final was against Mason again. I pretty much thought I had no chance after the way he stomped me in the round robin. The first game went about as well and Mason won easily. But in the remaining two matches some how he didn't pull any of his Bloodghasts or Nocturnouses. I was lucky enough to get my Nocturnous out and take the final two wins.

My deck still isn't top notch, but the tweaks I've been making week to week have been making it better and better. I have some ideas for some spin-offs of it, so after I get a few more cards hopefully I can try those out with some good results...


Worsel said...

Good job! I would say to go easy on the Bloodwitches. They require enough mana that if you draw 3 of them, you're going to be annoyed. I would say maybe get some bloodghasts and a vampire aristocrat and you can use the bloodghast to pump him and you can get the bloodghast back too the next round or same round or something like that.

VTMixMaster said...

That is true. I traded for a second Bloodwitch Saturday so I'll run 2 for now. Bloodghasts are a bit more expensive right now, so we'll see. When I looked up that card online I didn't realize that the Bloodghast can't block though, which is a slight dissadvantage. But the Bloodghast/Aristocrat combo is intriguing. I took out all the Aristocrats for the Hexmages...need them to deal with planeswalkers. More Nocturnouses is really what I need, but they are pushing $15-$20 each.

J. Americ Pasco said...

Congrats on the win!

I think 2-3 Bloodwitches should be fine. The Nocturnuses are pretty expen$ive right now, but if you really like this deck, they're definitely worth trying to trade for—they really make the deck explosive.

Hexmage is a good card, but you can probably get away with moving some to the sideboard until you're sure you're going to be playing against planeswalkers, etc.

When Worldwake comes out in a few weeks, be on the lookout for this card:

You'll want 4 of these in the deck for sure.

VTMixMaster said...


I'm going to try to make some new decks to play at the Spiral, but I'll keep trying to improve this one to be more and more competitive.

That's pretty sweet that she can use her ability even when she dies!