Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 3

Sorry. I've been slacking on the new posts. Here are pictures from the past two weeks of the cask. The new one is a bit darker, though not so much where I'd be raving about it or amazed, but it's certainly more noticeable, though possibly not from my shoddy photos. It's still a little woody but I'm detecting a little bit of apples and maybe vanilla in the aftertaste. I'm liking it and I can't wait until it is truly ready to be consumed. I think I've already found the next thing I want to put in it: Fighting Cock bourbon. It's a young bourbon with a high proof that should go with will the aging process in the cask. I'll let you know.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 2

I'm a little late on this one, as I spent the weekend at a train show in Virginia. Bad news, I didn't get to sip any whiskey. Good news, I got to hang out with my brother and my adorable niece, so that was awesome. The show was busy and I'm tired and sore and need another day off, but that's another story.

Upon my return home, I pulled out the sample for this week. Not much darker this time. I have a photo that I can upload later to show this. If your'e my friend, you can see them on Facebook for the time being. If not, I'll have them up here soon enough. Taste is a little woodier, less fruity, which is nice, though I didn't get a full sample as Jen was watching. Drats, foiled again. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 1

I got a cask for Xmas, which I have said in a previous post. Well, now I have cracked it open the first week to see the change in color, and it is dramatic. It's gone from clear to a more scotch-like (J&B in particular) amber. That's a pretty drastic color change for a week. Here are some photos to compare it from the first draw and the initial 2 liters that I put in.

Amazing Spiral MTG Tournament Report (01-16-2010)

Okay, so there is a tournament report from yesterday...

I was playing my Vampires again since it is really the only good tournament legal deck I have right now. I played it Friday night at Legends and went 1-4 (3W/9L) and pretty much finished in last. The on change I made Saturday was swapping out some equipment (Trailblazer's Boots & Blade of the Bloodchief) for 2 more Sign In Bloods which really helped.

Vampires 1.4 (01-16-2010)

Side Board
4 Vampire Nighthawk 2 Tendrils of Corruption
1 Vampire Nocturnus 1 Doom Blade
1 Malakir Bloodwitch 2 Blood Tribute
4 Vampire Hexmage 3 Duress
4 Gatekeeper of Malakir 1 Underworld Dreams
4 Vampire Lacerator 2 Needlebite Trap

1 Bloodchief Ascension

Instants 3 Mind Sludge
2 Tendrils of Corruption

3 Doom Blade 15 Total
4 Vampire's Bite


2 Sanguine Bond


2 Blood Tribute

4 Sign In Blood


1 Whispersilk Cloak

1 Quietus Spike


23 Swamp

60 Total

My first match was against Joe. His white deck was pretty cool. I was able to win Games 1 and 3 by getting out my lone Malakir Bloodwitch (protection from white) which he had no answer to. Game 2 he pounded me pretty good by Journey to Nowhereing all my Vamps and swarming me with angels that he started pumping out. Win 2-1. Lesson learned -- definitely need more Bloodwitches...

My second match was against Mason's Vampire deck. Mason stomped me in both games with his Bloodghasts and then playing a Vampire Nocturnous. Loss 0-2. Lesson learned -- Bloodghast is a pretty nasty card and I need more Vampire Nocturnouses...

Match 3 was against Allen and his mill yourselft deck. Winner makes the top 4. He beat me in game 1 by unearthing all his black creatures that he had milled and swarming me. Game 2 I hit off a Blood Tribute/Sanguine Bond combo for the win. Game 3 he pulled a bad hand and couldn't get a swamp out so it wasn't a very exciting match.

Top 4 vs. Danny using Joe's red deck. I was a bit nervous about this one because Dan had beat Mason earlier 2-1. This one was basically a race to the finish. He was pulling all those nasty red haste creatures and then unearthing them next turn along with throwing some lightning bolts. First game was close, I won with 3 life left. Sanguine Bond and Vampire Nighthawks w/ lifelink got me the win there. Second game went about the same and I was into the finals.

The final was against Mason again. I pretty much thought I had no chance after the way he stomped me in the round robin. The first game went about as well and Mason won easily. But in the remaining two matches some how he didn't pull any of his Bloodghasts or Nocturnouses. I was lucky enough to get my Nocturnous out and take the final two wins.

My deck still isn't top notch, but the tweaks I've been making week to week have been making it better and better. I have some ideas for some spin-offs of it, so after I get a few more cards hopefully I can try those out with some good results...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Less Madman

Holy crap. Tony Fish, who played TP in Madman passed away. That is terrible news. Everyone out there, pop in your copy of the dvd or vhs and pour out a little in honor of the man who gave us the hot tub dance. RIP.

It Lives Again...

No, not a movie. My Xbox is back from the dead, well, it was repaired, which means I got a refurb unit. Either way I can play games again on it and stream netflix, which I'm already loading with some fun films. Left 4 Dead 2 is pretty awesome, too. I played that a bit last night. The melee weapons are a fun thing to have, though I think the edged weapons are a little better as the cricket bat, while cool, didn't seem nearly as effective as the sword. Oh well. Time to play.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cask of Rye

I got a DIY whiskey kit for Xmas from my wife and finally got the cask cured and filled over the weekend. It's a pretty cool little thing and it promises to be rather awesome altogether, as with it you put in the spirits and watch as they age over the weeks into a more mature and flavored drink. It's kind of like beer brewing, though with certainly less involved. It's more like the set it and forget it of brewing, as opposed to crafting it all yourself. I'll be posting pictures soon of it, as I have the cask and spirits from the weekend taken, but I'd like to take pictures of the first sample to see how the color has progressed. It should be getting darker with each week. This being the first week, there shouldn't be too much change, I figure, but it's worth a look.

I think I'll be doing this for at least a month or so. The instructions say 5 months, but everywhere I looked online said 4-7 weeks was more the deal, though they used regular whiskies that they were aging further, as opposed to cask strength spirits. We'll see. I'll let you know.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year Custom Progress

With a massive amount of days off, I've had a lot of time to work on some customs. Unfortunately, today is the only day I've actually done anything on them. I'm currently working on a Orange Lantern Hal Jordan and a Mighty Mugg Power Girl. Just basic apps right now, though the Hal is going to be easiest as it's just a repaint and the hardest thing I have to paint is the ring and the eyes. PG is a whole other story, since the Muggs lack faces, therefore necessitating me to paint them on myself. It should be fun as long as I keep it simple. I'll probably use Amanda Connor's work as my basis, as the cartoony look lends itself well to the Muggs and is simpler compared the the extreme amount of detail others put into their Muggs. I'll keep you posted.