Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Power of Thwack

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Mine was goodly, save for some illness in the family, but the colds subsided and now everyone is healthy. I managed to break 50k and win Nanowrimo for the third year in a row. That was quite happy. I've been puttering around the house and decorating and raking leaves for the most part, until last night, when I wanted to draw on my computer so I busted out the wacom tablet and found that the pen was active no matter what I did.

What this means is that it was registering that it was clicked, even if it wasn't touching the tablet, thus drawing a line when you didn't want to or just being annoying and selecting everything on the page. I tried updating the drivers. No luck. I removed and replaced the nib. No luck. I restarted and unplugged the tablet before plugging it back in. No luck.

What worked? I smacked it against my desk. Now it works. I tried it against my hand but there were no results from that. The desk was apparently the key, so now it's working. Note to other Wacom users--don't store the pen in the tablet, at least not with the nib in. Apparently this can cause the sensor to stick, which is what happened to me, I guess. This could permanently damage your pen and make you buy another one, so it's nice that if it isn't too bad, you can fix it this way.

It's amazing what can be solved by violence.

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