Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Very Power Girl Day

Yesterday was a good day, especially if you love Power Girl like I do. I picked up and watched Superman/Batman: Public Enemies on dvd. It's a faithful adaptation of the first arc of the comic of the same name. All the fights you want to see are in there, save for the Batfamily and Superfamily attack on Luthor in his office. All of the heroes are, except for the aforementioned ones, and Power Girl gets a bit of an expanded role. She only has a few panels in the comic but now gets a bit more characterization as she is part of a team hunting down her cousin from another Earth, Superman. The Ed McGuinness artwork translates well to the screen and makes for a pretty and exciting ride. Every time PG was on the screen I got giddy and I can't wait to watch it again.

Yesterday was also comic book day.

Power Girl #5: This issue starts a new arc where PG deals with three alien fugitives who have landed on Earth and are up to some mischief. She's also trying to balance her job and finding a new apartment while remembering to pack all of her costume into her bag so she's not flying into battle without her boots on. Good issue with snappy dialogue, interesting new characters and of course, Connor's awesome artwork.

GL #46: Blackest Night continues as Hal teams up with Star Sapphire and also Sinestro to fight Mongul as Indigo-1 gathers together the strongest of the various corps to fight the Black Lantern Menace. Also, John Stewart gets a page to himself. Good issue overall with great fights and storylines that make me want to see where they end up and how they do it. Definitely picking up steam and worth picking up.

ASM#507: More of the Black Cat and they finish up their story. Awesome cover, decent story and Spidey gets laid. Fun and presents a crook with an interesting scheme at the end of the day.

JSA: More infighting as the team gets ready to separate and we're still not sure who the betrayer is, as the person they catch seems to be brainwashed. A little too much on the paranoia and not enough payoff, probably because there are so many things going on at once. Still, I'll stick it out for a bit longer.

Marvel Zombies: The Return #5: Decent ending to a good story. Nothing as awesome as volumes 3 and 4 but still entertaining and presents an interesting twist at the end. Van Lente can write these zombies any day, as he does a great job of it.

The Boys: Herogasm #5: The Supies are going on and the groundwork is laid for a big fight at the end. Not much else going on, but Hughie's ass itches, which means he got violated in a different way than I expected. Good, but not as good as the main title.

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