Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Mutilator

Friday I needed something to do so I popped in this little gem of a movie. The sound was out of sync and the picture kind of sucked but I enjoyed it in all its terrible glory. A young boy accidentally shoots his mother on his father's birthday. Years later, the father has become unhinged and stalks the boy and his college friends at their beach house and kills them one by one. An entertaining movie though not very good. It's got some decent kills, my favorite being one with a chainsaw where the father just hops right out and stabs the guy with it. Must be one of those quick start models. Some nudity helps move the film along too. It's worth it to see just for the father walking around the house with a damn battle axe most of the film, holding it close. Very fun stuff. Also, it takes place in Atlantic Beach, NC, where my wife's friends go to vacation. I might have to head down there and look for the house now. Check it out.

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