Sunday, October 25, 2009

Midnight Meat Train

I know, it sounds like a porno, but it's not. It's an adaptation of a Clive Barker story about a man who finds a mysterious serial killer on the subway. The movie, of course, expands quite a bit on the story, but it works. Instead of a man who just falls asleep on the subway, the main character is a photographer who is looking for the next good picture that will put him on the map, and in his pursuit, he finds a man who he thinks is a killer.

The film is directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, director of Godzilla Final Wars and stars Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb and Vinnie Jones, who looks fairly psychopathic to begin with. Great cinematography, good music and suspense and a compelling story make this one a winner. Check it out.

I also took advantage of Best Buy's horror movie sale this week, picking up the previously mentioned Hatchet, as well as Halloween and Halloween 4. I love those damn movies. They had a pretty decent selection too. Well worth visiting to pick up a hard drive.

Almost done with my Black Lanterns too. I hope to finish them up tomorrow, if all goes well. Then I can build my display before Halloween.

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