Monday, October 19, 2009

The Hills Run Red

No, it's not the western, but instead a slasher movie that I watched over the weekend, directed by Dave "The Dead Hate the Living" Parker. It focuses on a man obsessed with a lost horror film that was shot and completed but only shown once or twice and then disappeared, leaving only the trailers and some posters and stills to show it ever existed. The film's director goes missing as well and is presumed dead, never to be heard from again. The hero finds the director's daughter and basically kidnaps her and detoxes her and makes her take him and his crew to the director's old house in the woods where a print might still exist. Unfortunately for them, the killer from the movie seems to be stalking them in real life and starts taking them down one by one. Then shit gets weird.

It's a decent enough flick when sticking to the slasher bits. Babyface is a creepy villain and the design of his costume is top notch. The idea of a lost slasher film is great as well. The film seems to fall apart a bit in the third act though as things get a bit meta and deviate from the formula (which normally is a good thing). You don't really get much reasoning behind the killer's motives and a little more exposition on a few parts would really help bring it all together and would take about 3-4 minutes to do, which wouldn't hurt the already lean running time. As it was, I felt kinda cheated in the end and wasn't sure what to make of it. I'm still not but it's worth checking out for the killer alone, as he is rather scary.

Decent performances from the cast and some good gore and dodgy CGI. William Sadler stars as the director of the lost film, and he's always fantastic. Stifler from Band Camp wasn't bad either. I wasn't a fan of the director's daughter. People seem to be raving about her but her performance was one of the weakest in my opinion. Still, she didn't mind showing some skin, so that's a plus in her favor. Give it a viewing and let me know what you think.

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