Saturday, October 24, 2009


Now this, this is how you do a slasher movie. Over the top, gory, funny and scary all rolled into a big old taco of a movie that will rock your cinematic taste buds. What's it about? Who cares? Go fucking see it. Ok, I'll tell you a little bit. Ben and his friends are in New Orleans and looking at tits during Mardi Gras. Ben is kinda down as his girlfriend dumped him and the scene isn't doing much for him. He drags one friend down to do a haunted boat tour through the bayou, where they encounter Tony Todd, a Murray brother, Harmony from Buffy and a few other characters. They head off to the tour (well, not Tony) and in the middle of it, the boat gets stuck and sinks and they're lost in the swamp with crocs and snakes. The worst part? There's a psychopathic ghost named Victor Crowley who wants to tear them apart. And he does, one by one.

This movie is so good. It's like Halloween with some gore, pacing wise, and when Victor shows up, chances are someone is going to die. The cast is pretty able and handles their roles well. I liked seeing the morbid intern from Bones as the lead, as he's pretty damn funny. You get to see some nudity too, which is nice. Harmony has a nice body.

I watched this via Netflix and now I need to go buy it, it's that damn good. Seriously, check this movie out. Also, Kane Hodder as the killer. How cool is that?

Oh yeah, google Adam Green (the director) and Dee Snider. It's a story of how Adam came to be in the movies and it's heartwarmingly awesome. Check it out.

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