Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chiller Theater

Watching Supernatural tonight, I see that Chiller Theater is coming back on channel 11. I don't know if it will be only for one day or a continuing show, but god damn, am I excited. I loved all of those types of shows--Super Scary Saturdays, Theater Bizarre, Fright Night--so more of it now is going to be very welcome. Check it out this Halloween. Not sure when, but check your listings.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Midnight Meat Train

I know, it sounds like a porno, but it's not. It's an adaptation of a Clive Barker story about a man who finds a mysterious serial killer on the subway. The movie, of course, expands quite a bit on the story, but it works. Instead of a man who just falls asleep on the subway, the main character is a photographer who is looking for the next good picture that will put him on the map, and in his pursuit, he finds a man who he thinks is a killer.

The film is directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, director of Godzilla Final Wars and stars Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb and Vinnie Jones, who looks fairly psychopathic to begin with. Great cinematography, good music and suspense and a compelling story make this one a winner. Check it out.

I also took advantage of Best Buy's horror movie sale this week, picking up the previously mentioned Hatchet, as well as Halloween and Halloween 4. I love those damn movies. They had a pretty decent selection too. Well worth visiting to pick up a hard drive.

Almost done with my Black Lanterns too. I hope to finish them up tomorrow, if all goes well. Then I can build my display before Halloween.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dramatic Readings


Now this, this is how you do a slasher movie. Over the top, gory, funny and scary all rolled into a big old taco of a movie that will rock your cinematic taste buds. What's it about? Who cares? Go fucking see it. Ok, I'll tell you a little bit. Ben and his friends are in New Orleans and looking at tits during Mardi Gras. Ben is kinda down as his girlfriend dumped him and the scene isn't doing much for him. He drags one friend down to do a haunted boat tour through the bayou, where they encounter Tony Todd, a Murray brother, Harmony from Buffy and a few other characters. They head off to the tour (well, not Tony) and in the middle of it, the boat gets stuck and sinks and they're lost in the swamp with crocs and snakes. The worst part? There's a psychopathic ghost named Victor Crowley who wants to tear them apart. And he does, one by one.

This movie is so good. It's like Halloween with some gore, pacing wise, and when Victor shows up, chances are someone is going to die. The cast is pretty able and handles their roles well. I liked seeing the morbid intern from Bones as the lead, as he's pretty damn funny. You get to see some nudity too, which is nice. Harmony has a nice body.

I watched this via Netflix and now I need to go buy it, it's that damn good. Seriously, check this movie out. Also, Kane Hodder as the killer. How cool is that?

Oh yeah, google Adam Green (the director) and Dee Snider. It's a story of how Adam came to be in the movies and it's heartwarmingly awesome. Check it out.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Hills Run Red

No, it's not the western, but instead a slasher movie that I watched over the weekend, directed by Dave "The Dead Hate the Living" Parker. It focuses on a man obsessed with a lost horror film that was shot and completed but only shown once or twice and then disappeared, leaving only the trailers and some posters and stills to show it ever existed. The film's director goes missing as well and is presumed dead, never to be heard from again. The hero finds the director's daughter and basically kidnaps her and detoxes her and makes her take him and his crew to the director's old house in the woods where a print might still exist. Unfortunately for them, the killer from the movie seems to be stalking them in real life and starts taking them down one by one. Then shit gets weird.

It's a decent enough flick when sticking to the slasher bits. Babyface is a creepy villain and the design of his costume is top notch. The idea of a lost slasher film is great as well. The film seems to fall apart a bit in the third act though as things get a bit meta and deviate from the formula (which normally is a good thing). You don't really get much reasoning behind the killer's motives and a little more exposition on a few parts would really help bring it all together and would take about 3-4 minutes to do, which wouldn't hurt the already lean running time. As it was, I felt kinda cheated in the end and wasn't sure what to make of it. I'm still not but it's worth checking out for the killer alone, as he is rather scary.

Decent performances from the cast and some good gore and dodgy CGI. William Sadler stars as the director of the lost film, and he's always fantastic. Stifler from Band Camp wasn't bad either. I wasn't a fan of the director's daughter. People seem to be raving about her but her performance was one of the weakest in my opinion. Still, she didn't mind showing some skin, so that's a plus in her favor. Give it a viewing and let me know what you think.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trick R Treat

I can't remember the last time I saw a horror movie I liked this much. I mean, I watch a lot of them and like a lot of them, but I don't usually make a tradition out of watching them on a yearly basis. This one I will. Like the original Halloween, it's a holiday classic set around the aforementioned day. Unlike Halloween, this is an anthology film, like Creepshow, but with intertwined segments akin to Pulp Fiction.

It's set around a town in Ohio that loves Halloween and makes a big celebration out of it. The four stories (plus one bookend) are about a principal who has a dark secret, some kids who have a Halloween prank that goes wrong, a young woman (played by Anna Paquin--hotness!) who is in town looking for that special man and stalked by a stranger, and an old codger who is terrorized by a demonic trick or treater. All of the characters weave in and out of the other stories, often doing things that affect another one--such as the young boy from the story with the principal smashing all the pumpkins on a street, forcing the pranksters to look elsewhere for them. All of the stories work well and several have multiple payoffs, meaning that you might think it's at an end but are pleasantly surprised when there's more to come.

It's hard to believe that this was shelved for two years (it was completed in 2007). It's even harder to believe that this is a DTV release. The film is strong enough and fun enough that it could beat out the majority of the films out there in theaters right now, especially the horror ones. It's that good. A shame, really, as Warner Bros. really has a hit on their hands that's destined to become at least a cult classic, but could have been so much more. Rent this or buy this--it doesn't matter--as you'll be happy just to see it. Check it out, please. It's a moral imperative to support a film that is THIS good.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

You Must Pay the Rent

Not only words to live by, it's also my new video, shot on Friday nights while my little girl is asleep and my wife is letting me sit in the basement. Enjoy it. It's the first in the series by the Cellar Dwellers, which is usually just me in different masks, but is open to guest spots as well. (I'm looking at you Gerard.)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Mutilator

Friday I needed something to do so I popped in this little gem of a movie. The sound was out of sync and the picture kind of sucked but I enjoyed it in all its terrible glory. A young boy accidentally shoots his mother on his father's birthday. Years later, the father has become unhinged and stalks the boy and his college friends at their beach house and kills them one by one. An entertaining movie though not very good. It's got some decent kills, my favorite being one with a chainsaw where the father just hops right out and stabs the guy with it. Must be one of those quick start models. Some nudity helps move the film along too. It's worth it to see just for the father walking around the house with a damn battle axe most of the film, holding it close. Very fun stuff. Also, it takes place in Atlantic Beach, NC, where my wife's friends go to vacation. I might have to head down there and look for the house now. Check it out.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Very Power Girl Day

Yesterday was a good day, especially if you love Power Girl like I do. I picked up and watched Superman/Batman: Public Enemies on dvd. It's a faithful adaptation of the first arc of the comic of the same name. All the fights you want to see are in there, save for the Batfamily and Superfamily attack on Luthor in his office. All of the heroes are, except for the aforementioned ones, and Power Girl gets a bit of an expanded role. She only has a few panels in the comic but now gets a bit more characterization as she is part of a team hunting down her cousin from another Earth, Superman. The Ed McGuinness artwork translates well to the screen and makes for a pretty and exciting ride. Every time PG was on the screen I got giddy and I can't wait to watch it again.

Yesterday was also comic book day.

Power Girl #5: This issue starts a new arc where PG deals with three alien fugitives who have landed on Earth and are up to some mischief. She's also trying to balance her job and finding a new apartment while remembering to pack all of her costume into her bag so she's not flying into battle without her boots on. Good issue with snappy dialogue, interesting new characters and of course, Connor's awesome artwork.

GL #46: Blackest Night continues as Hal teams up with Star Sapphire and also Sinestro to fight Mongul as Indigo-1 gathers together the strongest of the various corps to fight the Black Lantern Menace. Also, John Stewart gets a page to himself. Good issue overall with great fights and storylines that make me want to see where they end up and how they do it. Definitely picking up steam and worth picking up.

ASM#507: More of the Black Cat and they finish up their story. Awesome cover, decent story and Spidey gets laid. Fun and presents a crook with an interesting scheme at the end of the day.

JSA: More infighting as the team gets ready to separate and we're still not sure who the betrayer is, as the person they catch seems to be brainwashed. A little too much on the paranoia and not enough payoff, probably because there are so many things going on at once. Still, I'll stick it out for a bit longer.

Marvel Zombies: The Return #5: Decent ending to a good story. Nothing as awesome as volumes 3 and 4 but still entertaining and presents an interesting twist at the end. Van Lente can write these zombies any day, as he does a great job of it.

The Boys: Herogasm #5: The Supies are going on and the groundwork is laid for a big fight at the end. Not much else going on, but Hughie's ass itches, which means he got violated in a different way than I expected. Good, but not as good as the main title.