Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Night Continues

Got some good comics today, the main of which being Blackest Night #3. I'm enjoying it more. Still some gratuitous deaths bue at least they give us a way to stop the Black Lanterns right now. Mera continues to be awesome and really needs a bigger role in the DCU, maybe as a replacement for Aquaman. She is what a leader and a hero should be. Hal and Barry get some good moments and it's nice to see Ray Palmer in something other than back issues. Building up to a nice bit of action, I think. Makes me want to make more Black Lantern figures. Or you know, finish the ones I'm doing right now.

Also of note: Batman and Robin #4 continues to be a good read with a new dynamic duo on the prowl in addition to the titular one. Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth is beautiful and hilarious, as a buddy with his zombie head comic should be. JSA: Engines of Faith should be in the regular title, as it is awesome and puts the JSA up against a credible and devious threat in the form of Kobra. ASM was alright, though focused mainly on MJ, who I didn't need an extra-sized issue on, but that's ok. That's it for now. Good times. Pick them up.

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