Saturday, August 15, 2009


If you need any minidv tapes and can't wait for online order fulfillment, go to Walmart. Best price around and it's actually reasonable too. I needed some more for a project I'm working on and Target and Best Buy were off target and not a good buy at all on tapes, charging about 18 bucks for three tapes and 30 for five. At Wallyworld, I got six tapes for 18 dollars and their five pack was about 15 or somthing. I chose the 6 pack as it had a rebate for a free tape rack. It only holds ten tapes but I ain't complaining. Definitely the way to go.

Edit: Of course Best Buy has the Sonys on sale for 9 bucks for 3 now. Still, their 6 pack is marked at 33.99, which is odd as now it's cheaper to buy more of the smaller packs, so you could buy 9 tapes and still be under the price of the 6-pack. Strange.

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