Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Power Girl

Today is comic book day and a very light week, but I really enjoyed the books that I got, especially Power Girl. This book is just dripping with awesome. Palmiotti and Gray's writing and Amanda Connor's art are the perfect match on this book. Each page is a delight to read and it's not just the breasts on the lead that are a highlight. With Connor's artwork, you don't care if there's any action going on. Just seeing the reactions on the faces she draws is enough to keep you entertained. PG and Terra go to a movie in this issue and I want a poster of the reactions of the two as they just sit in their seats. I've been over the page several times and it gets better every time. Once the action kicks into high gear, it gets even better. I'm keenly interested in seeing what happens next issue, which is something I usually reserve only for Green Lantern books. If you aren't already, please buy this book so they can keep it going and keep me happy. I'd buy multiple copies if they weren't doing the incentive covers instead of the 50/50 they were with the Connor/Hughes covers in the beginning. Seriously, the Guillem March covers are pure sex and I would buy them in a heartbeat. Just not at the markup the incentives get. Check this book out. Also, look for a cameo by the Big Bang Theory Guys.

Also out this week was Ash Saves Obama, which is a pretty fun Obama cash-in and I just got it to see how it was but I'll probably check out the rest, either in floppy or trade form. Lastly I got Blackest Night: Superman, which is by James Robinson and awesome. It ties into the Green Lantern event and stands well on its own. Usually with the tie-ins they seem to just expand on a scene. This is something I haven't seen at all in the main titles and it's a good story. The "dead-o-vision" is used to great effect here as Superman brims with all of the emotions at once as he tries to stop the villain. Another first issue pick up that I'll probably get all of them, if just for Robinson's fantastic writing. The new issue of ASM was out too, but I didn't pick that up yet.

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