Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hal Jordan in the JLU

There's long been a tease of a figure out there, made specifically for some folks working on the JLU cartoon. It was very limited in number and basically unavailable to most unless you had about a grand to drop on it. This figure was Hal Jordan. He only showed up briefly in JLU but all the GL fans, myself included, clamored for him. Why not make more? Well, there was a deal cut that Hal couldn't be made again. They destroyed the mold or some such thing and didn't want to ruin the rarity of the figure. However, there was a loophole--he could be made without his mask and uniform. This SDCC, Hal Jordan was made available for everyone. He's in his orange flight suit and comes with Abin Sur and Sinestro, who are in GL garb. Also, they all have swappable heads, so you can have Hal in his GL outfit through the years as well as his flight suit. The only caveat? He doesn't have a mask, so you either have to get two and paint one on, which isn't hard but requires a steady hand and 20$ more or you order a head from spymagician and you can paint it up to your likingfor 5$. I just got my 3-pack and the latter is what I'm going to do. I can't wait. Such an awesome figure. I just need to get my work area set up again.

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