Saturday, August 29, 2009

Comics 8-25-09

Fairly big comic book week this time around, especially for me. New Nova, GotG, JSA and GL to name a few. Good times too. Here's a rundown of a few books.

Nova: We finish up the War of Kings and the Nova Corps story arc with Richard Rider facing off against Strontian and Blastaar while trying to save his brother. Nova has consistently been one of the most entertaining books Marvel is putting out and this issue is no exception. Richard shows how he has grown since the beginning of the series, even since Annihilation, and the prospect of a continued Nova Corps makes me giddy. Also, new Worldmind is great.

Green Lantern: Tying in to Blackest Night, we find Carol Ferris facing off against Sinestro, the Blue Lanterns vs. the Orange Lanterns and the Red Lanterns vs. the Lost Lanterns. That's a lot of lanterns and story, but it works. Oh yeah, the Black Lanterns start arriving to take down everyone, raising quite a few of the dead of each Corps. No real Hal presence in this issue, but he's still the focus, as Carol is fighting to help him out. Also, John Stewart has a hell of a fight coming his way as the Black Lanterns raise something from his past. And Larfleeze proves to be the highlight of the comic yet again with his comical ways.

GotG: The team is split in the timestream and some of them might be dead. That said, it's up to Adam Warlock, Gamora, Phyla, Drax and the rest to seal the rift left from War of Kings, with surprising results. Groot and Maximus have some great banter, as do Crystal and Rocket Raccoon. Worth checking out. Not sure how the last events will pan out, but I'm curious.

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