Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Zombie Diaries

Sat down for some zombie action last night and popped this flick into the dvd player. It attracted my attention at Best Buy a few months ago but I never got a chance to see it until now. The verdict? A solid mockumentary-styled zombie epic with decent gore and acting and the harrowing idea that the only thing worse than the undead might just be the living. The story follows three groups of people--journalists, scavengers and survival types--as they deal with a world that is being dealt a deadly blow by a virus that turns people into the undead. The story jumps around a little due to the narrative relying on the limitations of a single camera shoot for the most part. It works well and has you on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out who will come out of this alive. Entertaining, though not if shaky-cam makes you sick. For the most part there isn't a lot of that though and what there is isn't too bad at all.

It's worth checking out for zombie lovers and horror fans alike. Be warned that it does start to unravel a bit once you get the third segment and you might night like the ending much, as it pushes the "humans are bad" idea pretty hard and almost ruins the film in the end. Also, don't let the cover of the dvd mislead you. This is strictly a low budget affair. No Vin Diesel wannabe with guns and a biohazard vest on and definitely no post-zombie holocaust London either. Just farms.

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Geof said...

I didn't really like this movie at all and I think it is because of the "humans are evil" message. Good review!