Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Ruins: Plants are Assholes

My wife and I needed something to watch last night as our DVR was being a douche (thanks Comcast) so we popped in The Ruins, which had sat in our inbox from Netflix for a few weeks now. For those not familiar with it, this is the second film based on a book by the author of A Simple Plan. It's also his second book, so he's batting 1.000 so far. The short of it is several young people head to a newly discovered temple for various reasons and shit starts going down. Why? Because plants are assholes.

As you might figure out from the dvd cover/movie poster, the vines/flowers that cover the entire temple are not to be trusted. Before the crew even sets foot on the temple to look for a German guy and a journalist, they are detained by enraged Mayans who try to keep them off of it. Once they put a foot on the vines, though, the warning shots become lethal and the remainder of the group has to hoof it up the temple as they get surrounded by angry villagers. One by one they fall and start to realize that maybe they should have listened to the Mayans as the vines start to wreck some people's shit.

A good movie with more suspense than gore and a cast that doesn't jump out at you with who might be the first to go and the last and they all turn in great performances. I've never heard of the director but if this is his first film, it's a doozy. Great camera work and tight editing help keep the pace terse and the tension palpable. Well worth checking out. This and Evil Dead will have you using Round Up like crazy to keep the plants at bay in your yard.

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