Sunday, July 12, 2009

Green Lantern: Blackest Night

No, I haven't read the actual issue yet, as it comes out this week, but I've read the prologue and prelude issues of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps respectively, and I wanted to weigh in on it before it began proper.

I'll start by saying I'm a bit apprehensive at the whole multi-colored corps idea and how fast we've been rushed into it. I thought that we could have dealt with the fallout from the SC war, sort of what GLC was doing, hunting the strays down and dealing with the power vacuum that Mongul is attempting to fill. Instead, the main title has been a six issue retcon of Hal's origin and the Black Hand's, as well as Hector Hammond's all in order to set up Blackest Night. Red Lanterns and Blue Lanterns were barely touched upon and it seems like Orange is the only one that got a decent shake but that might be due to the singular nature of that corps. Indigo is yet to be introduced in full and the Reds still need some more face time to fully explore their powers. Moving on.

GLC finishes up the Emerald Eclipse arc that deals with a riot on Oa and Mongul conquering Daxam. In the process, some issues are raised as Guy and Kyle take offense at the Guardians new fascist laws and Sodam Yat is incognito after igniting a sun. The Guardians are going to have to get their asses kicked big time to realize the mistakes that they're making in being too controlling. Well, that and continuing to listen to Scar, who looks like a fucking zombie lately. Nobody thinks anything is up? Seriously? Tomasi and Gleason make a great pairing and I would love to see a Soranik Natu figure in her skivvies as Gleason drew in this issue. For the upcoming Blackest Night, I think this title will fair pretty well.

Green Lantern, on the other hand, seems like a mess. The Black Hand, who was a gimmick but good villain, is now a necrophiliac with "darkness" inside of him that needs to be let out and he hears something that tells him what he must to do bring about the death he wants to embrace. I'm annoyed at the amount of retconning needed for this story. There have been great stories told by Johns that didn't fuck with the histories of characters as much as he's doing here. Black Hand already got modified by little German gremlins. We didn't need to unnecessary additional crap he added, thereby invalidating older stories in a way by making the villain so different. For all the depth he gave a villain like Captain Cold, it seems here that he's only doing it to tell the story he wants, which he could have done without changing as much as he has.

I'm optimistic and will buy the issues when they come out because I love me some GL, but I think that this could have been handled better and maybe Johns is hitting a dry spell as of late. I hope I'm wrong. I'll have a review of the first issue up when I can after Wednesday.

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