Monday, June 22, 2009

Wizard World Philly

Went to WWP this Saturday. It's been a custom of mine to at least hit one convention during the year. I missed NYCC so I tried the old standby again, which in previous years was quite big. Well, I can't say what it was like last year, but it's a lot smaller than the one I had been to about two years ago. No DC or Marvel booths that I saw--usually they're hard to miss--and not a whole lot of big booths from other distributors either. There was a decent showing of retailers, artists and others, but it was a shade of its former glory. I'm sure the recession has something to do with it. Still, it was a fun time and I picked up a few single issues and some trades that I was looking for. That's about it. I have too many prints that I need to hang up and too many figures that I need to customize to buy more, though I was sorely tempted. Once I get everything organized I can start doing that.

I met some friends at the show and they had a blast despite it not being all that it could be. Also, I got to meet Ted Raimi and Tom Savini and drooled over Kristanna Loken and Emma Caulfield. Good times. Also, KITT was there and Bruce Leroy. Not a bad showing, I must say. I might have to go next year to see if it gets bigger, as NYCC isn't until October 2010 and that's a long time to wait and save.

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