Sunday, May 31, 2009

WTF Shuttle?

I have a Contour ShuttleXpress for my mac that I use for editing. I got a new machine awhile back and never installed new drivers as I wasn't doing much editing at the time. Decided to install them today. Can't just download the new drivers and install. That would be too easy. I go to VersionTracker to find them. Click on the download link and get taken to another page. That's fine, but the shuttle is now through a different branch of the company so I have to go to another page and find the drivers. Oh wait, I can't download them as I have to register for their fucking site first, which also involves getting an activation email and then clicking through to what I wanted again. All because they want to see their userbase. If it wasn't such a nice tool, I'd be tempted to sell it off. I might if I can find a decent competing product, as that's bullshit. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to use your product and then sign up for your webpage. I bought the fucking thing. Just give me the drivers.

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