Monday, May 25, 2009


Started work on a new figure today, painting, at any rate, as I primed two on Sunday. I must say, that I am in love with Vallejo paints. They go on smooth, cut well with water, cover well and most importantly, they cover even the blackest primer I have, which is nice as coating black over the white for a figure like GL is annoying and leaves more room for white spots showing through. I'm working on a composite Blue/Green Lantern and and primed him all black on a whim, knowing that if coverage failed, at least I can primer over some parts and the joints will still be coated black. I was pleasantly surprised to find that even when cut 2:1, the paints showed up nicely on the figure and I'm on my way to being done. If you need paints for a figure, by all means order up some of these. They have tons but basic colors are a good start and you can mix them up just fine.

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