Saturday, May 02, 2009

Review: Behind the Mask-The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Started watching this flick tonight on a whim and I'm not disappointed so far. It's a film in the vein of Man Bites Dog, but instead of following a serial killer, the crew is following a slasher, or rather, a wannabe slasher who is on the cusp of breaking into an industry. You see, in this movie, the slashers you're familiar with from movies like Halloween and F13 are real, and they've inspired other people to do the same. Leslie is one of these people. As he trains for the big night, the lead interviewer starts to have qualms about what they might be party to and wonders if they shouldn't stop him before he begins.

Leslie comes off as likable and very intense when in costume. The rest of the cast is adequate as well, including a look at an older slasher/mentor who helps Leslie on his quest of glory. Robert Englund is surprisingly mellow and toned down in a role as the "Ahab", who is trying to hunt down Leslie before he can kill.

It's in an interesting film and concept and well executed, though for me I'd rather the film crew remained impassive, as in Man Bites Dog, though it has been awhile since I saw that movie so I might be a little off in remembering. Still, it's a fun take on the slash film. It does break the documentary feel in parts, for pleasing angles that just couldn't be done even with the two camera shoot they were doing. Definitely worth checking out. Especially with wine. Or liquor. Or beer.

Also, death by post hole digger. Very awesome.

Also check out Man Bites Dog. It's in French, so be prepared for subtitles. Also, French is the language of madmen, so if you ever see a guy walking down the street muttering that language and you aren't in that country, just run away. It's safer.

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